This Simple 5-Second "Ice Hack" Helped Me Go From 207 Down to 135...

Here's my "Plus to Petite after 63" story...

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5 Second Ice Hack For Weight Loss 

Hi, I'm Betty. I'm 62 years old and been married for 41 years. I also have 3 kids and 6 beautiful grandkids. And thank God, I recently found a way to look & feel like my younger self again...

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I used to...

​Have loads of energy all day long...

Keep a slim physique while enjoying pizza and burgers...

Eat what I liked—whenever I liked—without paying for it later...

Stay in amazing shape while rarely stepping foot in the gym...​

​Feel self-confident wearing fun, form-fitting tops, shorts, and summer dresses...

That was me every day...THEN I hit my early 40's.

After 40, My Health and Happiness Took a Nosedive...

In the blink of an eye, my once thin & fit body started to attract pounds and "cushion" in all the wrong spots.
It felt like my youthful, fast metabolism had braked to a screeching HALT.
My overall health was plummeting—and so was my energy every day.
So, I went to bed earlier, hoping I wouldn't have to drag myself through the next day.
Some nights I slept for 12 HOURS, but I still felt tired!
Even with this, I still didn't understand how HORRIBLE my health had become.
UNTIL...our 40th anniversary arrived.
My husband had surprised me with a fancy trip to a Hawaiian resort.
On our first night, I went into the bathroom to freshen up, and there I saw it...
A shiny digital scale. (Our old one died at home and we never replaced it.)
Nervously, I stepped on it...just curious to see the number.
207?! No way! It had to be wrong.
I peeked again. Uggh. That glowing, red number almost took me out at the knees.
I glanced in the bathroom mirror, ashamed of the person staring back.
I looked really tired, bloated, and... well... "chunky".
What happened to me? How did I let myself get like this?
I obsessed over my "scale episode" the rest of our trip. And on the final night, as I slid into bed, I made a decision.

No Matter What, I Would Get The "YOUTHFUL ME" Back...

First thing I did when I got home was start swimming (it was my high school sport).
But I found out quickly that even in water, my body couldn't handle all the weight I had gained.
Then, I tried eating salads and cutting out sugar.
It worked a little at first, but I was always hungry, so I ate snacks and lost my progress.
onion foot
I even tried some strange home remedies a lady at my health food store guaranteed would work.
Like mixing beet juice, honey, oranges, strawberries, and more. (Spoiler: She was wrong.)
While still trying "natural home remedies," I also used body wraps and put ginger slices in my socks.
(I'm a bit embarrassed to say I slept with ginger in my socks...)
Next, I tried a low-carb diet. There were some great meals, but I missed eating pasta a lot.
Then I tried calorie counting, went gluten-free, and even became a vegetarian for a whole month. BUT, my weight didn't change!
I wondered, "Is something wrong with me on the inside?"
So, I made an appointment with my doctor to get checked.

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I Was Blown Away by What My Doctor Revealed!

He told me casually: "Betty, don't worry. You've done nothing wrong."
He said my consistent weight gain had NOTHING to do with what I ate or how much I worked out.
He then spoke quietly, glancing down the hallway as if checking if anyone in the clinic was listening...
In a hushed voice, he said, "Betty, I've known you and Phil for decades. I wouldn't tell this to just anybody, but I want to show you something I discovered recently that can help you."
"It's a little unusual, but it's backed by groundbreaking scientific research.
I thought he was going to give me some "miracle" supplement or pill...
But I was SO wrong...
He told me about a 5-second morning ritual he learned about at a conference a few weeks back.
At first, he didn't believe it, but after seeing how people lost weight in their most stubborn areas when nothing else worked, he knew it was a real solution.
He said, "there are 3 almost unbelievable benefits people experienced by using this method…
No need to change what you eat
Keep a slim physique while enjoying pizza and burgers...
​It worked REALLY fast
"And, best yet, it takes only a few seconds each day."
He said, "all the info is right here."
Then he gave me a piece of paper with a website on it.
After all that, I couldn't drive home fast enough to check it out!
Actually, I didn't even wait until I got home. I watched it on my phone in the doctor's parking lot.
An hour whizzed by in a blur, and I was just AMAZED by everything I learned in the video.
Could something so easy really change my body and life that fast?
I had questions in my mind, but my heart said "YES! This is the answer for you!"
As you can probably imagine, I listened to my heart...

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99% of People Have Never Even Heard Of This

So, I've been using this Ice Hack for a while now, and I'm SO excited!
Right away, I began seeing results, just like the doctor said I would.
The numbers on the scale started falling on Day 2 and haven't stopped since.
It feels like I'm buying new clothes every other week.
And I can't believe it when I shop in the women's small section... not the big sizes!
My husband noticed the change, too... . Let's just say our relationship has a new spark, even at our age!
He decided to try this Ice Hack as well. Yep, it works for men, too!
Other things I've also noticed since I started doing it is...
My energy has SOARED. At 62, I feel more like I'm 30 now!
​I feel full & happy after meals and don't want to snack all day.
But, I'm actually eating MORE of my favorite foods, like homemade cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies, without ANY guilt!
​My blood sugar levels are better, even though I'm eating more sweet treats. Amazing, huh?
​I sleep like a rock now, waking up ready and full of energy for the day.

5 second ice hack

Thank God I Followed My Heart, and Not My Head...

I could have easily ignored my doctor when he told me about this unusual morning 5-second Ice Hack. But, I decided to push my skepticism aside and give it a try.
Now, I totally love who I am. I'm the "REAL ME" again.
And, I don't have to worry about my health—now or in the future.
All because I took some time to learn about this ancient calorie-burning loophole. Who would've guessed?
Naturally, people are starting to ask me what I'm doing to get results so fast.
So, I put a link to the same website where I learned about the Ice Hack below.
That is... IF it's STILL there.
I heard it might be taken down because of some legal challenges from a big pharma company that wants to keep this method hidden from everyone.
It's probably a good idea to click the link right now to make sure you can learn about this loophole for yourself.

5 second ice hack

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